Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VLOG - Wedding Aini!

Ni rangkuman video sepanjang perjalanan dan semasa di majlis perkahwinan classmate aku, Nurul Aini Mohamed Ali. Tahniah Aini, dah bergelar isteri. Moga menjadi isteri solehah buat suami. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

VLOG - Lepak Makan @ Melaka

Khamis lepas cuti awal Muharam kan. So aku dengan gigihnya ke Melaka sebab tetiba teringin nak makan asam pedas. Dah alang-alang jalan-jalan cari makan tu, sempat la berVLOG kan. So ni adalah hasilnya. Selamat menonton. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Berita Litar - Zulfahmi Ends Season in Style with Second Podium Win

Muhammad ZulfahmiKhairuddin closed his 2012 season in style by taking his second career podium win at the Valencia Grand Prix after finishing third in a thrilling race which saw the Malaysian Moto3 rider and race winner Danny Kent winning their positions in a sensational maneuver on the final turn of the contest.

In collecting his second podium of the season and another 16 precious championship points, Zulfahmi, who scored his first podium at his home Grand Prix in Sepang last month, climbed to seventh in the Moto3 world standings with a total haul of 128 points.

Starting from 17th on the grid, the AirAsia SIC Ajo Racing rider takes a cautious approach in the race as he kept close to the leading group throughout the 25-lap contest; and only started to attack in the last five laps as the 21-year old Malaysian chalked a string of fastest laps.

With three laps to go, Zulfahmi briefly took place behind the Red Bull KTM Ajo Racing dynamic duo of SandroCortese and Danny Kent as the Malaysian passed South African Brad Binder, who however, fought back to third.

The position remained until the final lap and the last Turn 14 when both Kent and Zulfahmi made their daring passing maneuvers; overtaking Cortese and Binder respectively to give the Banting-born rider a well-deserved podium win.

Interviewed at the parc femme, Zulfahmi said that he had to take a cautious approach due to the track’s wet and slippery conditions, which was something that he never favoured.

“I was very careful at the start and just follow the leaders … I saw some riders crashing out; so I become more careful until the final stages of the races. I took a big risk on the final turn and I am happy to win my second podium.

“I would like to say sorry to Brad (for denying him a podium) … now, I look forward for next year,” said Zulfahmi, who was named as the Most Improved Rider for Moto3 by the world championship official website www.motogp.com After The Flag programme.

Kent won the race in 45 minutes 5.891 seconds; crossing the finishing line just 0.056 seconds ahead of world champion Cortese and 0.114 seconds infront of Zulfahmi. They were joined on the podium by Aki Ajo, the team principal of Ajo Motorsports, who celebrated a grand occasion with all his three riders on the podium.

2012 also marked a grand season for Zulfahmi’s key sponsor Sepang International Circuit (SIC), with the 2012 Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix named as the Best MotoGP Event for the Year.

Interviewed later, Zulfahmi said that the results today were unbelievable as he had to struggle in Friday’s free practice and in qualifying yesterday.

“From 17 to third is undoubted a great result … I can’t believe that I managed to get to the podium. I am very happy to win my second podium in my career.

“I am now so looking forward for next year … it would be more competitive; but I will be ready … And, I also feel so happy when I know SIC won the MotoGP of the Year award. It’s just great,” said Zulfahmi, who would be representing SIC at the awards ceremony later today.

Berita Litar - SIC Gets Top Award from Dorna

The 2012 Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, which recorded the highest spectator attendance in its history of the event, has been accorded by Dorna as the MotoGP event of the Year.

Organised and promoted by Sepang International Circuit (SIC), the 2012 event was held from October 19 to 21 as Round 16 the 18-round world championship, which closes tomorrow with the Grand Prix of Valencia.

The selection of the Malaysian GP for the award by Dorna was conveyed to SIC Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Razlan Razali, who was understandable hugely thrilled with the award and responded by declaring that it gave strong motivation to further improve the organization of the event.

In his immediate comments, Razlan said: “Being awarded as the MotoGP of the year is very special and honorable after hosting 22 years of this event in Malaysia.

“It also a mark of recognition to SIC in growing the event aggressively since 2009 and the placement of a Malaysian rider in the world championship has in many ways contributed to this” he said in reference to the presence of Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin in the Moto3 World Championship.

Zulfahmi is a product of SIC’s GP Wildcard programme, which was strongly supported by Dorna – the worldwide rights holder for the MotoGP world championship. Dorna continued to give its backing until now as the young Malaysian competes in his third year in the Moto3 world championship.

Razlan added: “I would like to thank FIM, Dorna and IRTA for this award and we will strive to further improve next years.

“I would also like to thank my whole SIC team for their endless contribution and dedication towards this event as without teamwork, we will not be able to organize and get the recognition,” said Razlan, who was, however, unable to attend the annual award ceremony, which is traditionally held in Valencia along with all the other world championship trophies.

Spanish Jorge Lorenzo would be taking his second MotoGP world crown while his compatriot Marc Marques, who would be challenging him in the premier class next season, takes his first Moto2 world title. The inaugural world title for Moto3 class would be owned by Germany’s Sandro Cortese.

The 2012 Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix attracted more 77,000 spectators for the race and some 125,000 spectators over the three-day weekend despite the challenging weather conditions throughout the event.

In the absence of Razlan, the award would be accepted by Zulfahmi on behalf of SIC.

VLOG - MASKULIN Get Sweat Futsal Challenge

Percubaan pertama. Akhirnya! Haha. Ok untuk event hari Sabtu lepas. Layan ok. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Berita Litar - Zulfahmi Named as Most Improved Rider for Moto3

Malaysia’s Moto3 Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin has added another accolade in what is already a sensational 2012 season for the Team AirAsia SIC Ajo rider after he was named as 2012 Most Improved Rider for Moto3 class by www.motogp.com – the official website for MotoGP world championship.

The selection of Zulfahmi, who had risen from 18th overall in the old GP125cc last year to eighth overall in the new Moto3 World Championship in 2012, was made by the website’s ‘After The Flag’ programme, which conducted the selection exercise every year.

“I am indeed very proud to receive this award. It’s a massive recognition of my effort this year; and it will definitely spur me to work even harder in achieving my goals to become a top world class rider. This award will undoubtedly give me more confidence next year,” said Zulfahmi, who was 24th overall in his debut season in the world championship in the GP125 class.

“I would like to thank the team and KTM for their support … without a shred of doubt, their support was a key factor to my success this year,” added Zulfahmi, who started his world GP adventure as a wildcard rider at the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix in 2009 where he finished in a commendable 20th spot.

His dedication and commitment earned him a ride at the final round at the Valencia Grand Prix and his first taste on competition in Europe. Unfortunately, he crashed out of the race; but that had no effect on the confidence of his sponsors – Sepang International Circuit (SIC) and Malaysia’s low-budget carrier AirAsia to put him in a full season of the GP125cc world championship in 2010.

After a challenging debut season as he learned all the curves of the MotoGP racing track around the world in 2010 with the support of Italian-based Ongetta Racing Team, he showed vast improvement in his second year at the GP125cc world championship.

From 24th position in the world standings with just four world championship points in his debut season, Zulfahmi, who had world champion Ajo Racing as the team’s technical partner in 2011, improved his position to 18th in 2011 with a haul of 30 points.

In 2012 at the first season of the new 250cc Moto3 world championship, where he continued to have the support of Ajo Racing, Zulfahmi, who now rides a KTM factory bike, was a revelation as he kicked off the new season by scoring his best ever finish in sixth position.

He bettered that result with a fourth place finish in Round 3 at Estoril; effectively confirming himself as among the top 10 riders and always among the riders in the leading group; and even leading some of the races, clocking fastest lap times and securing front row starts.

At his home Grand Prix in Sepang, Zulfahmi created more history for Malaysian motorsports as he topped qualifying to secure his first ever pole position on his 21st birthday; and delivering the country’s first podium win on the following day; when he finished a close second behind world champion Sandro Cortese.

With only this weekend’s Valencia Grand Prix before the conclusion of the season, Zulfahmi is eighth in the overall standings with 112 points after 16 rounds; trailing seventh placed Miguel Oliveira of Portugal by only two points, who has 114 points. Britain’s Danny Kent is sixth with 129 points and is within Zulfahmi’s reach; depending on his performance and the overall results of the race in Valencia this Sunday.

Commenting on the Valencia, Zulfahmi, who would be joining Red Bull KTM Racing next year, said he liked the conditions of the track, which had been laid with a new surface for this year’s race.

“Hopefully, the condition of the track is better than last year especially when it rains. Based on the weather forecast for this weekend, it’s going to be an unpredictable weather again. It’s cloudy and raining in Valencia lately.

“Last year, the weather was not so good and I also had mechanical problems with the bike. Hopefully, everything goes well and according to plan this weekend,” said Zulfahmi, who finished in 25th place and three laps behind winner Maverick Vinales.

“This year, however, is going to be different … we have had good lap times throughout the season and I am confident we can do the same here in Valencia. But, whatever it is – rain or shine – I aim to enjoy myself this weekend,” Zulfahmi added.


April 8, 2012 Qatar Grand Prix, Losail: Qualified 7th; Race Position 6th

April 29, 2012 Spain Grand Prix, Jerez: Qualified 28th, Race Position 10th

May 6, 2012 Portugal Grand Prix, Estoril: Qualified 5th, Race Position 4th

May 20, 2012 France Grand Prix, Le Mans: Qualified 10, Race DNF

June 3, 2012 Catalunya Grand Prix, Catalunya: Qualified 2nd; Race Position 8th

June 17, 2012 British Grand Prix, Silverstone: Qualified 18th, Race Position 9th

June 30, 2012 Netherlands Grand Prix, Assen: Qualified 18, Race Position 11th

July 8, 2012 Germany Grand Prix, Sachsenring: Qualified 20th, Race Position 6th

July 15, 2012 Italian Grand Prix, Mugello: Qualified 7th, Race Position 9th

August 19, 2012 Grand Prix of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Qualified 7th, Race Position 9th

August 26, 2012 Grand Prix of Czech Republic, Brno Qualified 3rd, Race Position DNF

September 16, 2012 Grand Prix of San Marino, Misano Qualified 8th, Race Position 11th

September 30, 2012 Grand Prix of Aragon, Motorland Qualified 7th, Race Position DNF

October 14, 2012 Grand Prix of Japan, Motegi Qualified 4th, Race Position 5th

October 21, 2012 Grand Prix of Malaysia, Sepang Qualified 1st, Race Position 2nd

October 28, 2012 Grand Prix of Australia, Phillip Island Qualified 5th, Race Position DNF

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me...

Cewah! Hahaha. Sebenarnya aku ni takde lah peminat fanatik Elly Mazlein ke apa. Lagu ni first time aku dengar kat radio (tak ingat stesen mana) dan lirik-lirik dia sangat OMG lah. So agak tertarik lah dengan lirik dia. At first, mati-mati aku ingatkan penyanyi dia Indonesia then bila dengar betul-betul, suara macam familiar.

Balik rumah, terus godek-godek, rupanya penyanyi lagu ini adalah Elly Mazlein. Memang terpegun 2 minit lah aku ni. Baca balik lirik dia memang mendayu dan penuh makna. Hehe. Tahniah kepada Elly Mazlein dan Julfekar kerana dapat hasilkan dan bawakan lagu ni dengan baik.

Ni video klip yang aku jumpa dekat YouTube. So Malaysian la video klip dia tapi layankan aje ok. :)

Kereta Dirompak Mat Rempit @ Sunway PJS 11

Kalau tengok balik video ni seram sejuk jugak sebab siang-siang hari pun orang boleh senang-senang nak merompak pecah kereta macam ni kan. Mujur kat kawasan ni ada CCTV tapi tak tentu lagi dapat tangkap ke tidak perompak-perompak Mat Rempit ni. Ni video kat bawah adalah semasa kejadian. Yang upload video ni rasanya owner kereta la kot. Apa yang menarik perhatian aku mestilah rompakan di siang hari ini dan juga lagi satu benda. Komen. Komen-komen viewers kat bawah ni ada yang saling menghentam bangsa lain. Hais. Not a good thing right?

Bangsa apa sekalipun, Malaysia punya peraturan sendiri dan undang-undang akan judge diorang tak kira bangsa dan agama. Kalau buat salah, tetap salah. So, janganlah asyik menuding jari pada satu sama lain. Apa kata kita bercakap elok-elok and cari penjenayah tu. Kalau asyik gaduh, perompak-perompak tu tengah gelakkan kita semua, kita tak tahu. :)

Gandakan RM100 Kepada RM100,000

PTPTN bukanlah lima huruf favourite terutamanya kepada para pelajar. Ingat lagi dulu, kalau time study aku ambik PT (singkatan yang kami selalu guna) untuk Diploma je. Degree tak ambik sebab arwah Abah cakap membazir. So, time Diploma aku sangat 'mewah' lah dengan duit pinjaman tu. Masa Degree pulak, tak boleh nak bermewah macam orang lain la sangat. Hehe.

Tapi bila fikir-fikir balik, tak ambik PT untuk Degree tu adalah keputusan terbaik tambah-tambah bila tengok jumlah yang kena dibayar bagi pinjaman sepanjang Diploma. Pinjam RM15,000 and kena bayar dekat RM20,000. Normal la tu. Diorang pun buat bisnes. Betul tak?

Tapi tadi time bersiar-siar di Internet, ternampaklah satu iklan ni. Gandakan RM100 Kepada RM100,000! Hebat kan? Siapa taknak bila nampak duit seratus boleh beranak menjadi seratus ribu kan? And caranya mudah sahaja. Siapa yang ada duit lebih, mungkin boleh try.

Depositkan RM100 ke dalam akaun SSPN-i melalui Bank Islam dan biar je kat situ sekurang-kurangnya 30 hari. Lepas sebulan duit seratus tu terbiar di situ, kalau terpilih, anda akan berpeluang memenangi RM100,000. So apa lagi? Kalau yang belum ada akaun SSPN-i tu, buat cepat-cepat.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, klik SINI.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Berita Litar - Zulfahmi Approaches Valencia Grand Prix Pressure-Free

Grand Prix of Valencia – Moto3 Preview

With his achievements already beyond expectations this season, Malaysia’s Moto3 rider Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin goes into the final round of the 2013 Moto3 World Championship at the Valencia Grand Prix in Spain this weekend pressure-free.

“When we start this season, there were no talks of podium finishes, no talks about scoring 100 points … just trying to do our very best, to be consistent and to try finish among the Top 10 … we have actually performed way beyond our expectation … and that’s really good for me.

“So, I will approach this last round in Valencia without any pressure and I am going to really enjoy this race. But, having said that, my approach has always been to give my very best and go for the best possible results. That will not change in Valencia,” said the 21-year old Team AirAsia SIC Ajo Racing rider when asked for comments on the season ender Grand Prix of Valencia.

Marking the 17th round for the Moto3 world championship, the main focus of the race would be the battle for overall second place between two Spanish riders, Luis Salom of RW Racing and Maverick Vinales of Blusens Avintia Racing, who have 208 and 199 points respectively.

The 2012 world championship crown had already been owned by German’s Sandro Cortese, who won it at the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix in Sepang International Circuit (SIC) where he sensationally passed home favourite, Zulfahmi at the final turn of the 19-lap contest; denying the Malaysian the country’s first ever Grand Prix victory.

The second placing took Zulfahmi over the century mark for a total haul of 112 points, which he was unable to add due to mechanical failure on his KTM machine at the Australian Grand Prix in Phillip Island on the following weekend. With 112 points, Zulfahmi is eighth in the championship standing and trails seventh placed Miguel Oliveira of Portugal by only two points on 114 points. Britain’s Danny Kent is sixth with 129 points and is within Zulfahmi’s reach; depending on his performance and the overall results of the race in Valencia this Sunday.

Zulfahmi said: “I am really looking forward for the race. But, I am not putting any specific targets and instead, just go out there and do my best. Hopefully, things goes well for me and the team,” said Zulfahmi, who had received an offer to join the world champion team – Red Bull KTM Racing next year.

While the performances of the top riders like Cortese, Vinales and Salom had been exceptional this season, Zulfahmi was also equally fantastic in this inaugural year of the 120cc Moto3 world championship, which replaced the GP125cc world championship where the Malaysian rider was involved in the last two seasons.

Apart from finishing second in Sepang, he was took pole position for the Malaysian race after topping the qualifying sessions. On many occasions this year, he was leading races including the previous Australian Grand Prix where he started from fifth but surged to the front at the first corner and holding the lead for more than six laps until the mechanical problems.

While noting that the offer from Red Bull KTM excites him, Zulfahmi pointed out that it had not taken him off his tracks even a bit and that he remained focus on his current work with AirAsia SIC Ajo Racing until the end of the season. According to SIC Chief Executive Datuk Razlan Razali, the deal for Zulfahmi to join Red Bull KTM Racing next season was almost finalized; and that SIC would be using the allocated budget to work on the other riders in pursuing their own dreams to compete in the MotoGP world championship.

While it would be unlikely for SIC to have a new rider in Moto3 world championship next season, Razlan confirmed that there would be a wildcard Malaysian rider in the Moto3 race at the Malaysian Grand Prix next year and that a group of riders would be taken for training and selection in Europe for that purpose.

They would include the top riders from the just-concluded SIC Ninja 250 Cup, which is SIC’s new initiative in creating more world class riders like Zulfahmi Khairuddin.

Acer Aspire S7 and the Gang!

Ni gambar Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook tadi tu bersama rakan-rakan seangkatannya.

Acer Aspire S7 Dilancarkan di Malaysia

Acer Malaysia telah melancarkan generasi terbaru dalam dunia perkomputeran dengan rangkaian produk yang menggunakan Windows 8, dikenali sebagai Acer Aspire S7 - paling nipis, ringan dengan teknologi touch screen.

Turut diperkenalkan adalah tablet ICONIA W Series dan Aspire U Series All-in-One (AIO).

Menerusi pelancaran rangkaian baru yang memberi keutamaan kepada teknologi skrin sentuh ini - dalam pelbagai saiz dan rekabentuk, lebih ramai pengguna akan merasai pengalaman menggunakan tablet dan komputer pada masa yang sama.

Acer Aspire S7 - hadir dalam dua saiz iaitu 13.3 inci dan 11.6 inci. Kedua-duanya tampil dengan skrin HD penuh (1920x1080) skrin sentuh termasuklah backlit keyboard yang lebih cerah daripada LED backlit keyboard. Keyboard ini diaktifkan secara automatik dan kecerahannya boleh dilaraskan. Gile tak?!

Acer ICONIA Tab W510 10.1 inci pula menawarkan beberapa penggunaan yang hebat iaitu touch, type, and view. Kebolehan hebat ini membolehkan pengguna menggunakan alat yang hebat gila ini sebagai alat produktiviti dan juga untuk presentation. Benda ini juga boleh disambung kepada keyboard dan boleh dipusing sehingga 295 darjah dan baterinya boleh bertahan antara 9 hingga 18 jam.

Acer ICONIA Tab W700 dengan saiz 11.6 inci ini pula adalah satu-satunya tablet dengan Intel Core. So memang hebat lah kan (walaupun saya cintakan iPad saya). Incredible power, true full HD and instant productivity at users' fingertips!

Acer Aspire 7600U AIO baru dengan saiz 27 inci ini pula mementingkan rekaan yang minima yang dijanakan dengan Windows 8 dan dikuasakan dengan 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor. Screen 1920x1080 nya pula menyokong lebih daripada 10-point simultaneous touch. Hebat jugak kan?

Acer Aspire 5600U AIO yang rekaannya lebih ke ergonomic edge-to-edge pula merupakan PC 23 inci paling nipis dengan screen HD 1920x1080 yang menawarkan hand gesture yang lebih interaktif untuk bermain, mengawal, dan memilih.

Tunggu update seterusnya untuk gambar gadget-gadget hebat ini. Kejap je lagi ok. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bila Gangnam Ditelan Bumi

Over kan tajuk? Hahaha! Bukan maksudnya kawasan Gangnam, Korea tu ditelan bumi ke apa tapi bila over menari Gangnam Style sampai tak sedar yang pentas tak kukuh. Kan dah runtuh. Tak pasal-pasal. Layan video kat bawah ni ok.