Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Without You

Hi.. Aku jarang post posting dalam bahasa Inggeris tapi this time aku akan post dalam English sebab ni untuk dia baca..

Urm.. Sayang.. I'm not sure if u will read this post or not but i really miss u sayang.. I know whatever i say wont change your decision right.. I wish u could accept me back.. It is almost one year.. This coming 13 May should be our first anniversary but i know it won't happen.. Don't worry sayang.. I'll put the date and time in my life journal and i'll celebrate the day every year even i know i'll be alone without you..

Sayang.. I miss u so much.. I can't sleep.. Keep thinking of u, me and our relationship.. I'm so sorry for all the things i did.. Now i'm looking at our old pictures.. Nice sayang.. I can see your smile.. The happiness.. Sigh..

Just now i looked at the tickets.. Sunway Lagoon tickets.. Last night i promised u that we'll go to Sunway Lagoon right.. And next month we are going to Melaka.. I want to bring the smile and happiness back to u.. I want u to be happy like before..

There are too many sweet memories with u sayang.. I can't avoid myself.. Remember the teddy bear that u gave to me for our 2nd monthsary sayang? I can't imagine going to office tomorrow and see the present u sent to me.. Sigh..

I don't know if i still can live without u.. I'm not strong like u sayang.. I can't live without u.. I hope you'll be happier without me sayang.. No one will hurt u anymore.. But anytime if u still want me, i'm here waiting for u sayang.. Take care baby.. ILYSMLC.. :'(

Broken English kan.. Takpe.. Dia faham.. Night.. Doakan aku masih bernyawa esok..

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